Which State Is the Most Well-Endowed?

Our whole culture is kind of obsessed with penis size, and not for any great reason. Research has shown women prefer average-size penises to huge ones, and most women orgasm more easily from clitoral stimulation than penetration anyway, meaning that—ahem—other skills are often more important.


That doesn’t stop guys from thinking about their length, though—and so when a SKYN Condoms and Maxim teamed up to do a survey about millennial sex lives, they of course asked about this issue. They were smart about it though, asking the men about the size of their junk, and asking the men’s partners to give their own estimates. No measurements were taken. In reality, this survey could reveal who’s got the biggest penises…or which just says they so.

Here’s the moment you’ve been waiting for: Virginia is the winner.

The Southern state is home to the most guys who say they’re nine inches or more, with 11.29 percent making that claim. Illinois is just an inch behind, with 30.91 percent of residents claiming they’re 8.1 inches or more.

Here’s the other moment you’ve been waiting for: What did the partners of these penis-havers say?

Again, Virginia wins. A full 12 percent of partners surveyed said they were dating someone nine inches or longer—more than the men themselves reported. Illinois, however, falls short. Only 20.83 percent of those surveyed in Illinois said their partners were above eight inches, so you do the math.

Who knows? Maybe there’s some truth behind these alleged anatomical differences. Either way, the findings will give you something fun think about next time you travel across the country.


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