This Is the Most Ferocious Braid From the Weekend and You Need to See Every Angle

Janelle Monáe came to the BET Awards wearing a whole mess of braids that came together to form one epic mohawk-like hairstyle we’re calling Super Braid of 2015. Marvel at it from all sides then use our modified how-to to get a similar look.

janella monae bet hair braids lead
janella monae bet hair braids side 1
janella monae bet hair braids side 2
janella monae bet hair braids back

To re-create something similar…

  1. Separate your hair so that it’s in three sections, one at each side of your head and one wide section in the middle.

  2. French-braid one side section back behind your ear and pin underneath. Repeat with the other side.

  3. Take the front part of the remaining middle section and create a fishtail braid, snaking it around into an oblong bun that sits just off your forehead and pin. (Psst…check out the video below for help in the fishtail department.)

  4. French-braid the remaining middle section down the length of your hair.

  5. Pull the hair in the main braid loose a bit to make it wider while roughing up the texture slightly.

What you’ll end up with is a streamlined version of this complicated style that would look similar to this hairstyle we tried recently with a braided bun on top. It may not be quite as fierce as Monáe’s, but it’ll still roar.

Need help creating a fishtail braid? Here are the steps:

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