Lily Collins Just Made a Big Hair Change

Lily Collins is changing things up. She morphed her pixie haircut into a below-her-shoulders style yesterday, posting a photo on WhoSay with the caption: “A little extension goes a long way. Weaving my way around L.A. #wednesdayweave #whynotplayaround?…”

Why not, indeed. The short pieces around her face simply blend into the extensions so they look like a chic part of her overall cut, not an obvious short-hair-lives-here calling card. It’s a cute switch, but we have to admit: We hope she goes back to short full-time soon. Her chic cropped cut (which we were admiring[ just last week](/lipstick/blogs/girls-in-the-beauty-department/2015/07/lancome-80th-birthday-party)) stands out in a way that’s too stunning to do away with for the long haul.

[#cneembed: script/video/51acf98abb8f55515d000002.js]

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