Weight Loss Struggles Explained

Why Don’t You Have the Body You Want?

Women-WeightLossYou try to do everything right—you eat the right foods, you get the necessary supplements, and you’ve been doing exercise actively—but you still can’t get the body you want?

Many people have this kind of problem and most of them blame genetics for it. There’s also the tendency to think that other people are using something illegal just to get that enviable weight. But that’s not always the case. There are some reasons why you may not be seeing the results you want, and here they are:

1. Your relationship isn’t going well. When you’re in a bad relationship, it may cause stress, and stress leads to plenty of unhealthy things. The relationship in question doesn’t have to be romantic. You can have a bad relationship with your parents or relatives, boss, or co-workers. Even your relationship with your friends may be stressful, which can cause your body to hold on to fat in the abdominal area. Try to cut back on as many toxic relationships as possible so that you can be happier with your life. When you are happier, you can become healthier without stress to hinder it.

2. You’re food intolerant. Food intolerance can have varied effects on your body. Even if you eat the requisite protein, lean meat, and fiber sources, you will find it difficult to shake that fat off mostly because a low-level inflammation is preventing your body from running well. You can be allergic to anything, but the most common ones are eggs, dairy, nuts, soy, and wheat. And don’t even think of eating whatever you’re intolerant of in frequently because the more you eat it, the more that you will become intolerant to it. That would make it more difficult for you to achieve the changes you want. To know if you are intolerant of any kind of food, have tests and elimination diets done by doctors. Once you know what you are intolerant of, you can work up a diet that doesn’t require a lot of it.

3. You live in a polluted environment. It doesn’t take a genius to understand that environmental toxins are damaging to one’s health. Pollution, smoke, prescription drugs, mercury in fishes, cosmetics, and even tooth fillings made of chemicals can all contribute to a less healthy body. These toxins are stored in fat cells and can cause damage from there. Your body doesn’t use fat cells for energy. That would have released toxins, but since the fat cells are meant for your survival, it also means the toxins are left and stored in your body. Some people use detoxing, chelation therapy, saunas, and even GI tract detox diets to remove these toxins. It would be best that you consult a physician to know what the best thing to do about these toxins is.

4. You need to work hard. Consistency isn’t the only thing that matters when it comes to physical training. You may be doing it regularly but not without much work and that will not result in anything. You need to put some effort into it. Build your endurance and don’t just work out for leisure. Avoid talking on the phone or reading a magazine and vary your workouts once your body has adapted to them. Take a look around you. The people who look like they’ve been getting results are the ones who are determined and concentrated on the workout they are doing. Push yourself, just as they push themselves. Work harder and good results will surely follow.

5. Finally, you are working against yourself if you are not using supplements to help you lose weight. Athletes use supplements in order to compete, celebrities use supplements to help with not only their weight management but for health and vitality in general. Doctors recommend supplements to nearly everyone, because they are proven to work and assist in the goals you have for your health. I like to use a combination of vitamins, meal replacement shakes, garcinia extract and I also take niacin for my emotional health.

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