Benefits & Side Effects

Benefits of Garcinia Cambogia / Brindleberry

garcinia-cambogia-fruitGarcinia cambogia, also known as Gambooge and brindleberry, a tropical plant from Asia, is the current talk of the town because of its impressive benefits for the body. One would be delighted to find out that even without exercise your weight can drop a couple of pounds in a month or two. Alarm bells may be ringing in your head right now, thinking this is definitely unsafe, but actually it is. With the use of Garcinia, also known as Malabar tamarind or brindleberry, you can lose weight with very minimal effort and no radical changes to your diet or daily routine.

How does it work?

First, you should understand how the body processes the food that you eat. Carbohydrates in what you eat is either converted to energy or stored as fat. Garcinia extract has what is called HCA. This acts as a way to prevent enzymes from storing carbs and instead encourage them to use it as energy, similar to brindleberry. Because of this, the fat is burned off rather than stored.

What changes does it do to the body?

It doesn’t make your body less functional, that’s for sure. In fact, it makes you more efficient because it gets rid of any mood swings associated with food cravings. When you use pure garcinia extract, you will not feel like you are always craving for something to eat. Again this is because of HCA, which suppresses your hunger. Another function of HCA is to make you feel full even when you haven’t eaten a lot. This isn’t magic. Ever heard of the plant called caralluma fimbriata? It has hunger-suppressing properties similar to this, too.

Is its efficacy guaranteed?

Is the product guaranteed to work? Absolutely. Many experts attest to the many benefits of this extract. Doctors agree that a person can lose a couple of pounds every month without changing anything in their diet aside from the proportions of their food, which is a result of them not feeling hungry. In fact, the natural product is so good that it warranted recognition by Dr. Oz himself.

Can it help the habitual emotional eater?

Yes, and if you are one, this is absolutely the product for you. Garcinia fruit doesn’t just help you burn a lot of fat quickly. Thanks to its high levels of serotonin, it can improve one’s sleep and mood. No more sleepless nights and definitely no more emotional eating. The urge to eat because you feel sad, bored, or happy will be gone. You will only eat when you really need to.

Are there any potential risks involved?

This topic has been the subject of discussion ever since garcinia became popular. You first need to understand that there is always a risk in anything you use, especially if you use it improperly. As a rule, always check for any additional substances in the product that may cause certain problems in your body.

Can it trigger allergies?

This would have to be addressed in a case-to-case basis with one’s physician. Side effects will vary for different people, but pregnant and lactating women should take extra precaution when using such products. Those with allergies should also get the recommendation of their doctor before using. Also, people with health-related problems should get the opinion of a trusted physician.

The benefits of this powerful brindleberry and gambooge extract are overwhelming, and this sometimes causes people to doubt its efficacy. It’s okay to doubt such products, but if they have been recommended by people who know a lot about these things, they must have some good results on the body, right? You can always try the product and see for yourself what everybody has been raving about.

Garcinia Cambogia Side Effects

garcinia-cambogia-burn fatGarcinia, the most recent buzz in the weight loss world, is commanding attention. Millions of people are looking at the product, wishing it would be effective for them, and contemplating whether it’s worth the money. With the right dosage, it can be the best thing for you.

The Miracle Fruit

If someone told you that you can get better weight, lower cholesterol, lower blood sugar levels, and improved serum leptin levels from just a single fruit, would you believe them? It sounds like a miracle, something that not everyone believes in, right? But this is not just myth. It is in fact a reality in the form of this supplement, which has high levels of HCA that does all those things and many more.

Weight Loss and Weight Gain

Garcinia fruit extract is apparently vital in losing weight. Since the presence of hydroxycitric acid (HCA) makes one eat less and encourages the body to burn more fat, its weight loss capabilities is out of the question. But what if you don’t want to lose weight and just want to maintain the weight that you have right now? Garcinia can do that too. With a balanced diet and even without exercise, you will eat just the right amount of food so that your body can have some fat to burn for energy. Fat will be replaced by muscle, giving you a healthier body while maintaining a good weight.

Side Effects

One thing that people are concerned about is the presence of side effects of Garcinia. What are these and are they dangerous? Actually, the natural product doesn’t have any side effects for you to worry about. There are, however, dangers associated with choosing the wrong product because some chemicals and additives may cause health issues.

Nutritional Benefits

As mentioned earlier, it doesn’t just help you lose weight. It helps you get a healthier weight, which has lesser fat and more muscle. Garcinia does this well with its nutritious core. In fact, it has been used as a traditional medicine in the past because of this. The fruit is a natural source of calcium and increases the serotonin levels in the brain for better mood and sleep. Cholesterol is also normalized, which is helpful for those with high blood pressure. Improved blood glucose levels will benefit those with diabetes.

How to Choose an Extract

Now that you know how the fruit works and how it can help your body, you may be interested in getting some for yourself. But first, you need to understand that Garcinia’s popularity has given rise to a lot of product variations, some effective, while others not. One must choose wisely when deciding to buy Garcinia. The best advice when it comes to buying Garcinia is to look for the amount of HCA present in it. To get good results in a couple of weeks, you want to get the one with at least 50% HCA.

Pure Garcinia?

One dosage of a good product should have at least 500 mg of cambogia—anything less isn’t worth the money. Look for products that have 100% extract. This is very important because some companies sell products that only have a small amount of garcinia mixed with a lot of fillers and binders. Of all of the supplements researched for this website we found Garcinia Cambogia Select is the most effective, and it contains more than enough HCA and brindleberry to help you reach your goals.